Clinical Imaging

ReDIB offers services focused on clinical imaging at both CNIC and Imaging La Fe nodes. The Advanced Translational Imaging Infrastructure (TRIMA) is equipped with a PET-TAC system (Positron emission tomography/Computed tomography digital Vereos), a MRI Elition X 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging equipment and a echocardiograph (Vivid E9) capable to acquire 4D cardiac images.

Elition X 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) platform from Philips

MRI field (3 Tesla) has a large bore, tunnel size and  field of view. Cardiac, whole body, vascular and head coil with multiple channels. Capacity for video images and static images in 2, 3 and 4 dimensions.

Location: CNIC

Positron emission tomography/Computed tomography (PET/CT) digital Vereos platform from Philips, with photon counting technology

The PET/CT equipment has a large field of view, high sensitivity, multiple detector CT, high temporal and spatial resolution and ECG-Gating 

Location: CNIC

3T RM equipment Philips Achieva TX (multi-transmission) release 5

Equipment with 60 cm central tunnel where advanced MR acquisitions are carried out with the possibility of programming special pulse sequences. It has multiple coils for small and large animals, as well as volunteers and patients, with high spatial and temporal resolution.

Location: Imaging La Fe

Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT, Philips 256 detectors, Brillance Ict)

Acquisition of dynamic series with a high temporal resolution.

Location: Imaging La Fe


Multimodal PET/RM equipment for simultaneous acquisition of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resonance imaging of 3 Teslas. With a 60 cm aperture, it allows the rapid acquisition and with a high spatial resolution of both imaging modalities simultaneously. For clinical research use based on trials and projects with patients.

Location: Imaging La Fe

It is able to acquire 4D cardiac imaging (three-dimensional real-time), with the additional abilities of the highest technology in two-dimensional image. 4D technology includes an increase on the size of the acquired volume, reaching the acquisition of the entire heart in a single heartbeat. Applications-modes available include: two-dimensional tissue-2D, three-dimensional real-time-4D, 2D color doppler, 4D color doppler, color M-mode, M tissue velocity mode, M-anatomic M-mode tissue, doppler wave continuous, pulsed wave Doppler, tissue velocity image, tissue tracking, tissue-strain deformation imaging, AFI-imaging automatic mode, biplane, triplane, total volume 4D, 4D imaging strain.

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