Competitive Open Access (AAC)
Subsidised access mechanism to ReDIB's essential facilities in which advantageous rates are applied, ranging from free with only consumables costs, to reduced tariffs.

Access on Demand (AaD)
Unsubsidised access mechanism to ReDIB's essential facilities in which the rates approved by each ReDIB node for its different services are applied.

The following table shows the rates for access to ReDIB's essential facilities in the different modalities:

        AAC AaD (OPIS) AaD (Others)
Node Image type Description Unit €/unit €/unit €/unit
BioImaC Preclinical Radiochemistry Study * N/A N/A
    Cyclotron Study * N/A N/A
    IRM scan (1 T/10 cm)1,2,3 30 min 0 17,5 25
biomaGUNE Preclinical SPECT - TC scan1,3 30 min 0 69.05 82.86
    PET-TC1,3 30 min 0 69.05 82.86
    IRM scan (7 T/30 cm)1,3 30 min 0 124.32 149.19
    IRM scan (11.7 T/16 cm)1,3 30 min 0 325.84 391.01
     Radiochemistry Study 0 By radiotracer By radiotracer
    Cyclotron Study 0 By radiotracer By radiotracer
La Fe Preclinical IRM scan (3 T/60 cm)1,3 30 min 0 - 44.64 89.24 106.03
  Clinical IRM scan (3 T/60 cm)1,3 Study 0 - 130.69 178.46 - 261.39 212.04 - 310.57
    PET-IRM1,3 Study 0 - 252.64 428.64 - 505.29 509.28 - 600.34
TRIMA Preclinical Nano PET-TC1 30 min 0 - 25.31 25.31 30.37
    IRM scan (7 T/30 cm)1 30 min 0 - 28.13 28.13 33.75
  Clinical IRM scan (3 T/60 cm)1,3 30 min 0 - 131.20 131.20 170.56
    IRM scan (3 T/60 cm) with Gadolinium1,3 30 min 0 - 203.77 203.77 264.90
    PET-CT1 Study 0 - 268.38 268.38 348.89
    TC without contrast1 Study 0 - 75.32 75.32 97.92
    TC with contrast
(aorta-coronary angiography)
Study 0 - 176.67 176.67 229.67
    TC with contrast
(contrast balance)
Study 0 - 265.38 265.38 345.00

* The AAC rates does not include radiotracers. The cost of which will be passed on to the user
1 Separate price for contrast agents, anaesthesia, radiotracer agents and other consumables
2 Price in self-service mode (requires qualification by on-site training course)
3 Separate anaesthesia rates

Contrast agents

ReDIB offers a wide range of contrast agents/radiotracers for different imaging techniques, both for preclinical and clinical use.

Radiotracers are only available at the CIC biomaGUNE and BioImaC nodes, which have a Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Laboratory among their essential facilities. The AAC to these two essential facilities will be made, as in the rest of the open accesses, by passing on the cost of consumables to the user.

The cost of contrast agents and radiotracers depends on:

  1. the contrast agent requested;
  2. the animal species studied;
  3. the destination of the contrast agent
  4. the time of receipt of the contrast agent.

Individualised rates will be offered upon request.
See list of radiotracers.

[11C]     [13N]  
Colina Aminoacid · oncologic diagnostic   NH3 Ammonium · Perfusion and blood flow
DASB Serotonine brain transporters   [18F]  
FLB-457  Dopaminergic receptors D2/D3   FAP Blood flow
Flumazenil GABAA receptors   FDG  Fluoro deoxyglucose · Glucose metabolism
Harmine Enzimatic monoamine Oxidase MAO-A tracer   FLT Tumor proliferation · Oncologic diagnostic
Metionina  Aminoacid · oncologic diagnostic   FMISO Hypoxia
NNC-112 D1 dopaminergic receptor   NaF Fluoride · Bone alteration
PiB Amyloid beta plaques   PE2I Dopamine transporter
PK-11195 Peripheral benzodiazepine receptor (RPBs)   [68Ga]  
QNB Muscarinic cholinergic receptor   DOTA Somatostatin receptor
Raclopride D2 dopaminergic receptor   NODA Somatostatin receptor

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