ReDIB offers radiochemistry services in two of its nodes. The Infrastructure for Translational Advanced Imaging includes a radiochemical laboratory with shielded areas, a 68Ge/68Ga generator associated with an automatic synthesis module and fully equipped organic chemistry labs. The Molecular and Functional Imaging Facility of CIC biomaGUNE provides a radiochemistry lab equipped with a cyclotron, hot cells housing automatic synthesis modules and state-of-art quality control equipment.

ReDIB offers among its services the preparation of radiotracers for use in experimental animals (see table).

[11C]     [13N]  
Colina Aminoacid · oncologic diagnostic   NH3 Ammonium · Perfusion and blood flow
DASB Serotonine brain transporters   [18F]  
FLB-457  Dopaminergic receptors D2/D3   FAP Blood flow
Flumazenil GABAA receptors   FDG  Fluoro deoxyglucose · Glucose metabolism
Harmine Enzimatic monoamine Oxidase MAO-A tracer   FLT Tumor proliferation · Oncologic diagnostic
Metionina  Aminoacid · oncologic diagnostic   FMISO Hypoxia
NNC-112 D1 dopaminergic receptor   NaF Fluoride · Bone alteration
PiB Amyloid beta plaques   PE2I Dopamine transporter
PK-11195 Peripheral benzodiazepine receptor (RPBs)   [68Ga]  
QNB Muscarinic cholinergic receptor   DOTA Somatostatin receptor
Raclopride D2 dopaminergic receptor   NODA Somatostatin receptor

Customized synthesis services are also available.

Maximum activity​

Isotopes Maximum activity mCi Maximum activity GBq
Carbon-11 5.000 185
Nitrogen-13 1.000 37
Oxygen-15 1.000 37
Fluorine-18 15.000 555
Iodine-124 200 7,4
Cobalt-57  20  0,74 
 Copper-64 100 3,70 
 Gallium-67 20 0,74 
 Germanium-68/Gallium-68 120 4,44
 Rubidium-82 20 0,74
Technetium-99m 100 3,70
 Indium-111 20 0,74
Iodine-123 100 3,70
Iodine-125 20 0,74
Thallium-201 20 0,74
Iodine-131 100 1,85
Zirconium-89 50 1,85
Titanium-45 50 1,85
Hydrogen-3 50 1,85
Carbon-14 100 3,70
Lutetium-177  100 1,85 
CIC biomaGUNE has a radiochemistry laboratory equipped with 5 shielded hot cells housing versatile automatic synthesis, suitable for the production (synthesis, purification and quality control) of PET and SPECT radiotracers. The facility has specially designed modules for:
  • Synthesis of [11C] CH3I / [11C] CH3OTf from [11C] CO2 / [11C] CH4, and subsequent methylation reaction
  • 18F-fluorination by nucleophilic and electrophilic substitution
  • Radiotracer synthesis using microfluidics technology
  • Chelation reactions using radiometals (68Ga, 67Ga, 64Cu, 89Zr, etc)

In addition, the laboratory has two shielded hot cells for manual handling of radioactive substances, suitable for the preparation of mono-doses or to perform syntheses with small amounts of radioactivity.

The quality control lab sited into the production lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to perform the complete quality control of the synthesized radiotracers, including the following equipment.

Additionally, CNIC hosts a radiochemistry/nanochemistry lab which includes a relaxometer of 1.5 Tesla, nanosizer ZS-90, homogenizer, 68Ga generator and a synthesis module equipped with an organic chemistry lab.


Synthesis Modules

Remotely controlled automatic modules specially designed to carry out methylation reactions, fluorination by electrophilic/nucleophilic substitution reactions and microfluidics.

Location: CIC biomaGUNE

Gas chromatography (GC)

With flame ionization detector (FID), mass spectrometry (MS) and radiometric detection.

Location: CIC biomaGUNE

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

With UV (DAD, variable λ) and radiometric (well coincidence) detectors.

Location: CIC biomaGUNE

Radiopharmaceutical synthesis modules

Located in the hot cells there are remotely controlled synthesis modules that allow the production, through organic nucleophilic substitution reactions, of 18F-FDG, 18F-FLT, 18F-FMISO, 18F-FDOPA, etc.

Location: BioImaC

Hot cells

Hot cells (75 mm lead), provided with front and rear opening, and with auxiliary elements for radiological protection (laminar flow booths, waste and transportation containers, protective screens, ventilation chambers, etc.)Location: BioImaC

Cyclotrón Cyclone 18/9 IBA

Able to accelerate protons up to a nominal energy of 18 MeV. Equipped with two liquid targets (IBA-2XL) for the production of 18F.

Location: BioImaC

Hot Cells

Hot cells (75 mm lead) front and rear opening and two laminar flow sinkers equipped with gas compression system.

Location: CIC biomaGUNE


The cyclotron is able to accelerate protons (18 MeV) and deuterons (9 MeV) and is equipped with 7 targets for the routine production of [18F] F-, [18F]-F2, [13N]-NH4+-, [15O]-O2 [11C]-CO2 and [11C]-CH4. It also has a solid target for the production of 89Zr and 64Cu.

Location: CIC biomaGUNE

Radio-thin layer chromatography (radio-TLC)

Location: CIC biomaGUNE

High-resolution λ Spectrometer

30 mm thick Germanium detector. Energy range from 3 to 3000 keV. High energy resolution, ranging from 700 eV to 1.3 keV. Equipped with Mone Carlo-based quantification software.Location: CIC biomaGUNE

Low resolution multichannel λ spectrometry

Measures very small amounts of sodium iodide, and to perform radioimmunoassays. Storage capacity of 55 racks; 10 simultaneous measurements in the range 15-1000 keV.Location: CIC biomaGUNE

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