Access request

ReDIB access is regulated by a competitive open access mechanism with an independent and transparent evaluation process.

To gain access to the ICTS, the user must complete the online Access Application Form, which has to be submitted through the webpage ( via specific calls opened once a year.

The Access Application Form will be evaluated by the Access Committee, which is integrated by independent experts with extensive experience in different areas of knowledge. The Access Committee will assess the scientific and technological quality and technical/logistical feasibility of the applications received.

Viable projects of sufficient scientific and technological quality will be accepted for execution, depending on the time available for each of the services offered. The assessment will be made regarding the following parameters:

  • Scientific quality and interest of the proposal (30%).
  • Feasibility of the proposal (30%).
  • Potential interest to industry and/or translational research (20%).
  • Applicant Curriculum (20%).
  • For the execution of projects or parts of projects funded in competitive calls, the scientific quality will be granted to the proposal.

After evaluation and prioritization of the projects, the ICTS coordinator will communicate the results of the evaluation to the researchers within no more than 4 months after the closure of the application period. Subsequently, the scientific and technical personnel of the ICTS will contact the researchers whose projects have been positively evaluated, in order to establish a convenient scheduling and to refine and optimize the experimental procedures, if required. Proper training periods will be established and scheduled if appropriate. 

Applications received beyond the time periods established in the competitive calls might be considered, if the availability of the infrastructures is not completed. Calls will be announced at


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