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Clinical Imaging

ReDIB offers services focused on clinical imaging at both CNIC and PREBI-GIBI230 nodes. The Advanced Translational Imaging Infrastructure (TRIMA) is equipped with a PET-TAC system (Positron emission tomography/Computed tomography digital Vereos), a MRI Elition X 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging equipment and a echocardiograph (Vivid E9) capable to acquire 4D cardiac images.

It is able to acquire 4D cardiac imaging (three-dimensional real-time), with the additional abilities of the highest technology in two-dimensional image. 4D technology includes an increase on the size of the acquired volume, reaching the acquisition of the entire heart in a single heartbeat. Applications-modes available include: two-dimensional tissue-2D, three-dimensional real-time-4D, 2D color doppler, 4D color doppler, color M-mode, M tissue velocity mode, M-anatomic M-mode tissue, doppler wave continuous, pulsed wave Doppler, tissue velocity image, tissue tracking, tissue-strain deformation imaging, AFI-imaging automatic mode, biplane, triplane, total volume 4D, 4D imaging strain.

The Brilliance iCT platform for human use is based on a sophisticated combination of high imaging quality, rapid acquisition and reconstruction and great coverage; always at very low doses of radiation to the patient. Specific acquisition protocols for each patient are able to adapt their characteristics to develop a correct balance between image quality and radiation, including situations of high BMI and high heart rates.

Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT, Philips 256 detectors, Brillance Ict)

Acquisition of dynamic series with a high temporal resolution.

Location: PREBI-GIBI230


Multimodal PET/RM equipment for simultaneous acquisition of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resonance imaging of 3 Teslas. With a 60 cm aperture, it allows the rapid acquisition and with a high spatial resolution of both imaging modalities simultaneously. For clinical research use based on trials and projects with patients.

Location: PREBI-GIBI230

Elition X 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) platform from Philips

MRI field (3 Tesla) has a large bore, tunnel size and  field of view. Cardiac, whole body, vascular and head coil with multiple channels. Capacity for video images and static images in 2, 3 and 4 dimensions.

Location: CNIC

Digital angiography (Philips Allura XPER FD 20 equipment)

Interventional and endovascular procedures.

Location: PREBI-GIBI230

SPECT-CT (flat detectors, Philips BrightView XCT)

Obtaining images of SPECT radiotracers.

Location: PREBI-GIBI230

Positron emission tomography/Computed tomography (PET/CT) digital Vereos platform from Philips, with photon counting technology

The PET/CT equipment has a large field of view, high sensitivity, multiple detector CT, high temporal and spatial resolution and ECG-Gating 

Location: CNIC