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Distributed Biomedical Imaging Network (ReDIB)

The Advanced Infrastructure for Translational Imaging (TRIMA) is located in the Carlos III National Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC) in Madrid and has the following units:

Molecular and Functional Imaging Unit: optical microscopy and fluorescence services .

Advanced Imaging Unit: MRI, CT, PET, MRI/PET, ultrasound and optical imaging (fluorescence and luminescence 2/3D). Nanotechnology lab, organic chemistry and radiochemistry. Preclinical and clinical areas.

High Performance Imaging Unit: High Content Screening (HSC).


The Platform for Molecular and Functional Imaging is located at the Center for Cooperative Research in Biomaterials (CIC biomaGUNE) in San Sebastián.

Available equipment includes: cyclotron, radiochemistry lab equipped with synthesis modules and quality control equipment, PET-CT, SPECT-CT, high-field MRI (11.7 and 7 Tesla), fluorescence imaging and dedicated animal facility for small rodents.

The infrastructure has been designed, built and equipped to tackle longitudinal and multimodal pre-clinical projects and to develop applications in the area of Preclinical Molecular and Functional Imaging and Nanomedicine.