Opening date : 2022/01/10 - Closing date :2022/12/31

Resolution of the Distributed Biomedical Image Network approving the following applications of the ReDIB-2022 call for proposals on January 1, 2023:


Code Node  Status
ReDIB-2201 TRIMA  Accepted
ReDIB-2202 Imaging La Fe Accepted
ReDIB-2203 Imaging La Fe Accepted
ReDIB-2204 Imaging La Fe Accepted
ReDIB-2205 Imaging La Fe Accepted
ReDIB-2206 BIOIMAC Accepted
ReDIB-2207 BIOIMAC Accepted
ReDIB-2208 BIOIMAC Accepted
ReDIB-2209 Imaging La Fe Accepted
ReDIB-2210 TRIMA Accepted
ReDIB-2211 TRIMA Accepted
ReDIB-2212 TRIMA Accepted
ReDIB-2213 TRIMA Accepted
ReDIB-2214 TRIMA Accepted
ReDIB-2215 TRIMA Accepted
ReDIB-2216 BIOIMAC Accepted
ReDIB-2217 TRIMA Accepted
ReDIB-2218 TRIMA Accepted
ReDIB-2219 TRIMA Accepted
ReDIB-2220 BIOIMAC Accepted
ReDIB-2221 TRIMA  Accepted
ReDIB-2222 TRIMA  Accepted
ReDIB-2223 TRIMA  Accepted
ReDIB-2224 TRIMA  Accepted
ReDIB-2225 TRIMA  Accepted
ReDIB-2226 biomaGUNE Accepted
ReDIB-2227 biomaGUNE Accepted
ReDIB-2228 biomaGUNE Accepted
ReDIB-2229 biomaGUNE Accepted
ReDIB-2230 TRIMA  Accepted
ReDIB-2231 TRIMA  Accepted
ReDIB-2232 BIOIMAC Accepted
ReDIB-2233 BIOIMAC Accepted
ReDIB-2234 BIOIMAC Accepted

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