Available tracers

ReDIB offers among its services the preparation of radiotracers for use in experimental animals (see table).

[11C]     [13N]  
Colina Aminoacid · oncologic diagnostic   NH3 Ammonium · Perfusion and blood flow
DASB Serotonine brain transporters   [18F]  
FLB-457  Dopaminergic receptors D2/D3   FAP Blood flow
Flumazenil GABAA receptors   FDG  Fluoro deoxyglucose · Glucose metabolism
Harmine Enzimatic monoamine Oxidase MAO-A tracer   FLT Tumor proliferation · Oncologic diagnostic
Metionina  Aminoacid · oncologic diagnostic   FMISO Hypoxia
NNC-112 D1 dopaminergic receptor   NaF Fluoride · Bone alteration
PiB Amyloid beta plaques   PE2I Dopamine transporter
PK-11195 Peripheral benzodiazepine receptor (RPBs)   [68Ga]  
QNB Muscarinic cholinergic receptor   DOTA Somatostatin receptor
Raclopride D2 dopaminergic receptor   NODA Somatostatin receptor

Customized synthesis services are also available.

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