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Clinical Imaging

ReDIB offers services focused on clinical imaging at CNIC node. The Advanced Translational Imaging Infrastructure (TRIMA) is equipped with PET-MRI system, an iCT Brillance platform for human use and a Vivid E9 echocardiograph capable to acquire 4D cardiac images.

The Brilliance iCT platform for human use is based on a sophisticated combination of high imaging quality, rapid acquisition and reconstruction and great coverage; all by administering very low doses of radiation to the patient. Specific acquisition protocols for each patient are able to adapt their characteristics to develop a correct balance between image quality and radiation, including situations of high BMI and high heart rates.

Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT, Philips 256 detectors, Brillance Ict)

Acquisition of dynamic series with a high temporal resolution.

Location: PREBI-GIBI230

Ingenuity Time of Flight PET/MRI 3 Tesla Dual Quasar 32 channel system

Third generation positron emission tomography (PET) Time of Flight with a time resolution of 495 ps. Equipped with iterative reconstruction algorithms (Astonish) that provide excellent sensitivity, with low dose imaging and advanced high definition applications with excellent anatomic detail. Possibility of acquiring images only through Magnetic Resonance system.

Location: CNIC

Multimodal PET / MRI equipment with simultaneous acquisition of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance

With a bore of 60 cm, it allows the rapid acquisition and high spatial resolution of both imaging modalities simultaneously. For the use of clinical research based on trials and projects with patients.

Location: PREBI-GIBI230

It is able to acquire 4D cardiac imaging (three-dimensional real-time), with the additional abilities of the highest technology in two-dimensional image. 4D technology includes an increase in the size of acquired volume, reaching the acquisition of the entire heart in a single heartbeat. Applications-modes available include: two-dimensional tissue-2D, three-dimensional real-time-4D, 2D color doppler, 4D color doppler, color M-mode, M tissue velocity mode, M-anatomic M-mode tissue, doppler wave continuous, pulsed wave Doppler, tissue velocity image, tissue tracking, tissue-strain deformation imaging, AFI-imaging automatic mode, biplane, triplane, Total volume 4D, 4D imaging strain.

PET/MDCT 64, Philips Gemini FT 64

Acquisition of molecular images and high anatomical images of spatial and temporal resolution within the same examination.Location: PREBI-GIBI230

Digital angiography (Philips Allura XPER FD 20 equipment)

Interventional and endovascular procedures.Location: PREBI-GIBI230

TC-SPECT (flat detectors, Philips BrightView XCT)

Obtaining images of SPECT radiotracers.Location: PREBI-GIBI230