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Funding and support

The user will assume 100% of the costs, except when funding from public resources are available to finance access to ReDIB. The costs will be calculated based on specific rates published at www.redib.net.

After acceptance of the proposal, estimated costs and tentative calendars will be provided to the user. Written acceptance of the cost by the external user will be required before starting the experimental work. 

ReDIB reserves the right to encourage the use of available infrastructure through partial funding of the highest rated projects.

Finally, it should be mentioned that researchers participating in the National R+D+i Plan can formally express their intention to use ReDIB during the preparation of their applications. In that case, the costs associated with the use of ReDIB will be eligible costs. To request an estimate of the cost at the time of the preparation of the application for the National R+D+i, you can contact: info@redib.net